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Oral Systemic Balance and Miracles

Let’s do a “what if.” What if solving our chronic disease epidemic “merely” requires a shift in our perspective?

According to emergency medicine the ABC (airway, breathing, and circulation) is the priority to follow to prevent death. What if that is the priority the body follows throughout life “to maintain life second-to-second” and then other issues come into play. How long can we survive without air, without food, without water? In second-to-second survival air intake is top priority.

What if my suggestions and assertions in prior articles, that through evolution (genetics and environment) mouths are progressively getting smaller and our tongues are increasingly crowding our throats and airway, so that our bodies must compensate for this to “appropriately” manage our airway. Then this is prevalent in modern man.

The three means of compensation I have repeatedly discussed are:

Consider that these play upon one another further aggravating the “wear and tear” on our body, mind and spirit. Physical (both mechanical and biochemical), mental and emotional “stress” associated with the “on edge”/ “adrenaline type feelings” result. Consider the impact upon our, immune system, nervous system, musculo-skeletal system, hormonal system, reproductive system, digestive system (digestion, absorption, adsorption and assimilation). The resulting chemical and structural changes throughout the body give rise to various symptoms that are managed modern medicine, as if the symptoms are from a defective system.

Diagnosis and treatment focuses on “effects” of the biochemical and structural changes resulting from numerous chain reaction and interplays over differing periods of time. It does not focus on the underlying “cause”, the body’s need to compensate. Specific compensations or combination of compensations and degree of compensation are influenced by our genetics and environment as is the impact of them upon us.

TModern medicine acknowledges the major role of “stress” and “spirit” in all “disease”. This same “stress” is a symptom of both structural and biochemical compensations needed to manage our airway by altering the muscle tone, posture and position of the tongue and resulting shape and size of our airway from second-to-second.

Every medical study and every medical textbook associated with health and disease, healing capacity, susceptibility, is essentially based upon individuals whose bodies are in a chronic state of compensation.

Oral systemic balance therapeutics alters oral anatomic relations, including that of the airway, to improve function, including ease of breathing. If this decreases need for compensation resulting in “super” vitality and healing capacity that modern medicine sees as miraculous, so be it.

* Denotes a board certified Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine (ABDSM). The board is self designated and does not confer recognized specialty status by any certifying organization. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) recognizes the Diplomate status granted by the ABDSM. All Diplomate applicants must hold (at a minimum) a dental degree (D.D.S. or D.M.D.) or its equivalent and an active unrestricted license to practice dentistry in addition to completing an extensive application process, including presenting case studies and taking a written exam.

Arthur M. Strauss, DDS Retired